Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Coffe Shop!

Hello everyone , how are you I hope you are fineXD finally I enter to CP and I saw very different all clubpenguin , but first when I saw the new coffe shop I get in shock , it´s amazing I mean I can´t believe it , this is the better place I ever seen , imagine , what else can be redecorated? most of penguins like this new Coffe style , but not all. I listened to penguins talking about the New style of the coffe shop and they say: "I don´t like it at all , I mean I rather the old Coffe shop" and the other penguin said: "me too". Ummm I know that the other style was like traditional but remember changes are better , so why we can´t try it? also yesterday was the party of Icequix ,why? because he had more than 25 000 of visits on his blog , Congratulations my friend! Watch out the information of Icequix´s party is on his blog , check it out! Talking about parties , Je45rry and I are planning to make a party , we don´t know where , at what time neither what day , we only want to make a party , we would give all the information , when we have decide.