Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I meet Rockhopper!

Hi everyone , i´m very happy , excited , because I meet the really ROCKHOPPER! , I can´t believe it , I login in a server that it wasn´t full the name of the server is "Beanie" I login in that server because one of my bestfriends were in this server , so I go to my igloo , and my friend called Ocean6100 , he told me lets go to the Shipwreck island , and I say yeah , so we go to the island , and it appears a penguin with color red , a puffle red , and all the stuff he has , and the name was of "Rockhopper" all the penguins said it is , Rockhopper over here , and I can´t believe it , he told us an story , really it was very good , he and his stories are cool.
So I tell him , can I have a photo or picture with you? and he told me , yeah of course why not , so I have this picture , really he is amazing , then he told us lets go to the room of "Vicking lords" and all the penguins follow him , he told us more stories , and finally he said thanks to everyone , who listen my stories , but now I need to plan my next adventures , and all the penguins said your welcome Rockhopper nice to meet you , i´m thinking what plans did he is making?
Now i´m friend of Rockhopper , I hope he can login  another time , so if I see him this day , also you can see Rockhopper , only enter and see where is him , you have only 8#days , quickly go and make his friend!
Now I have his pin , when I was a little kid , I think  one day I would meet Rockhopper and he would make my friend and I would have his pin , and now I have it! so GOOD LUCK! find him , Wadddle on!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rockhopper Quest!

Hi everyone as all of we may know , we are having another party called "Rockhopper Quest" , this party or event is really excited , I have fun , obviously with my friends , soo in "The beach" on map , is the ship of Rockhopper , in this ship we need to find and collect all the missing pieces of the pin , well in this ship we are having three islands , one its very ogly , horrible and terrible , another one is beautiful and the last one its like an river with the bones of the dinosaurs , in this case we need to find and collect all the missing parts and finally join all , and see what would happen.

In this old map we are having the three islands , in this three islands we need to collect and join all the missing parts of the missing teasure.
This is the firts island , as you see is beautiful and coolest place ever!
This is the second island , as you see the sun is hiding , I like this place beacuse of the water!
This is the last island , as you see this is the terrible and horrible place , because of the dead vikings.

This is all the missing things that we have collect for make a beautiful reasure HAVE FUN!

And these is all the things you recieve that are free , obviosly you only recievee it , if you make a good work and if you find and join all the missings parts , nice outfit!
This all the clothes or stuff that are in sale , you can buy it and have and outfit like rockhopper , join your money and buy this awesome nad collest stuff WADDLE ON!
And finally of all the work we do for find and collect all the pieces of the missing treasure , we join all the pieces and now we have this beautiful diamond! WADDLE ON!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hi everyone , do you remeber I told you that thursday I can´t post anything , well is more less like i´m busy but now I have chance , fine remember that tomorrow we have another party in clubpenguin this party it´s about Rockhopper , the party would be located on the Beach , so common have fun , these name for this party is "Rockhopper Quest" , this party is also very quickly , now that i´m thinking about it , all the parties are very fast , so be prepared , because this party it´s on February #24 until March#6 , so have fun with all your friends , WADDLE ON!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New catalogue!

Hi everyone , how are you? , fine good , i´m not very good , why? , beacause I don´t have much time to be posting in my blog , these lasts days it was  horrible and terrible , I had a lot of work , umm not exactly a job , I mean i´m very busy with my homeworks an exams , I don´t have much time for play clubpenguin , but now I can , except on monday ,and thursday , so Now I can post about the new things on clubpenguin , well I hope you know about the New Catlogue for Igloo is now available , so you can buy this new stuff , it´s very cool and awesome , these stuff is about a ships like the ship of Rockhopper , really it´s  very cool , I believe and I know what i´m telling you! so decorate your igloo with the new stuff , have fun with friends! WADDLE ON!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best friends!

Yeah I think all the Friends are awesome and excelent people , really , I i´m so thankful to have this friends in my LIFE REALLY , THEY MAKE ME FEEL better and happy of course they support me, friends exists to make you happy , all including me , we have best friends that they help us in all our problems , they are so cool ,thankyou , you are my BESTFRIENDS of me , thankyou alot Really all of you are my BFF of the entire world , you are so important for me , all of you are the reason of my life ,THANKYOU!!

He is coming!

Hi everyone , how do you were yesterday? , I believe you was good why? beacuse it was San Valentine´s day! , i´m so sorry really it was no my intention to don´t post anything , I was really busy , beacuse I have a party and it was really good , I hope you are fine ,and I hope you was happy , and you have fun with all your friends, it was cool , back to topic , well do you remember that I tell you that Rockhopper is coming? , yeah he is! , but now I now the day that he is coming , he will come on February #24 until March#6 , I know that  we need to wait until that day , but see the positive thing , that is , we will prepared all our stuff and  having fun with all the parties we had and we are having , oh also remember tomorrow the New Catalogue of the Igloo is coming , so raise money ,  and be prepared for all the new events! , Waddle On!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Hi everyone , how are you? , fine , very good , do you know that rockhopper will came? , no? , really you don´t know? , well now you now , as you see in this picture , the ship of Rockhopper will come  ,very soon , really if you go to The beach (on map) and you go upstairs , and you click on the binoculars , you can see that the ship of Rockhopper is getting more closer , very but very quicky , these tell us that  , we would have another great and awesome party , why? , one reason because Rockhopper would go to clubpenguin and , the second reason :  is beacuse all the parties of clubpenguin are great except all the BUGS! I hope and wish that this party would not have horrible bugs , so have fun and Waddle On!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Where is the Pin?

Hi everyone , as you supposed to know , we have another event called "The Vikings that time forgot" this is not exactly a new event , is only a new play that is on the stage , but now it´s not available this time , why? , beacuse of that terrible bug I mentioned the last time , I hope clubpenguin fix this big problem , back to topic , this is the new pin , it´s cool , I like camaras , and as you see this is a camara so , where it is? , is on the Dock (On map) , so go and pick iup this new and awesome pin , and use it! Waddle on!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hi there , how are you? , good? , I hope so , i´m very angry and mad , why? , beacuse I have another Bug but this bug is worst than the other bugs , I can´t have fun in the stage , really i´m so mad , believe me this is not the first time I have a bug , I hope clubpenguin would fix this big problem , it supposed that I would have fun with friends but NO I can´t this Bug don´t let me buy the catalogue about "The Vikings that time forgot" and I can´t play , this is so bad , I was waiting about this new play , but now I need to wait until clubpenguin fix this bug , I would send an e-mail to clubpenguin support! , if you have this problem , do the same of me , send an e-mail to clubpenguin talking about this terrible bug and telling them that they need to fix and quickly!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hi everybody , having fun with  friends is awesome , really they makes you happy , I now what are you thinking about? , you are thinking about why do Stan1ley always talk about their bestfriends? , really if you are like this emotion , so sorry , but can I ask you something? , well do you have true friends becuase all of them are true friends , and it doesn´t care if I repeat and repeat saying that having friends is a bless , really i´m sorry if I hurt you and if not , COOL , beacuse belive me I don´t want to make you feel sad or whatever , so sorry , back to topic I wanna thank to all my bestfriends that are: Icequix , Moutain , Ocean6100 , Bluey , Max , Alfie04 , Lollypop8951 and of course to Je45rry ( My brother) thanks to everyone:D

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Next events!

Hi there , how are you? , fine I hope so , well do you know that until February #14 the party or event that"Own the Runway" or "Fashion Show" would finish? , no , now you know , really it´s so bad , because these  party cames very fast and it would go very fast , you have only six days , to participate in this event , fine the next event or play is "The Vikings that time forgot" and on February #16 we would have the "New Catalogue" , what catalogue? , the catalogue for the igloo , it would be availabe on February #16 , you can buy the new stuff , but you need "Membership" so the persons that have Membership you can buy it , and the people that don´t have , really i´m so sorry but you can´t , I don´t like these rules but what can I do? , so remember enjoy this party , have fun , and be joining coins for the New catalogue , WADDLE ON:)

Monday, February 6, 2012

I Own the runway!

Hi everyone , I have a lot of fun , where? , umm obvioulsy in the Gift shop (fashion show , on map) , I own the runway , really it was very cool and awesome , I feel like a superstar , but a real superstar! , I model all the types and different clothes , it was boring? , of course NOT , if you are with friends and playig with them you have a lot of fun , but in this case I´m alone beacuse I was trying to feel like the only person in clubpenguin , the next day I make the same but now with all my friends , because all of them makes me happy including my brother (Je45rry) thanks to all!
Waddle on! and remember with all your friends it´s better:D!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fun with friends!

Hi , do you remember the other day that I tell that have friends is cool and awesome? , yes? , fine because YES it is , have friends is something wonderful in the world , friends can tell you everything , can tell you the ture,makes you happy , makes you laugh , nut the most important thing is that we believe in ourselfs so we can tell us what is wrong or what mistakes we have to make it correct , because having mistakes is not bad , we learn of the mistakes , really so as you see this image that is Saraapril , is one of the best blogger , really and she is my friend , she always stay there for help me so really thankyou saraapril.
In these image Saraapril was talking to me , and we have fun , she was making me feel better and she always listen to me , she listen to all the things I want to say , obviously she needs to work so I say "well bye Saraapril good luck" and she says "Bye Stan1ley see you later" , really thankyou Saraapril!
Well as you see in this image , all my bestfriends are in , er play , we model the different types of clothes , and also we clean when we finish , the most important thing that it was for me , is that we "Own the runway" , really it was awesome and cool , It was the perfect day and the greatest event we ever had , when we got tired , all of we go to all ours igloos and we swim in a pool , we jump the rope and we play with a ball , in few words all of my friends and me have FUN , so go ahead and find your friends , be happy with all of them , believe me have good friends like all of them is a bless. 

Fashion Show!

Hi everyone , as you may know the party "Own the Runway" its very cool I like it because I feel that i´m a star , that is having a great event ,  that is the fashion  show , one of my favorites things that I like and I used to do in this party , is model all the clothes I have , obviosly not all , because they are a lot , so I only model the clothes thar are more cool (fashion) and more casual , casual is the clothes that are not expensive , it´s the clothes we use all the common days , I like the casual clothes ,  because is not expensive and i´m more comfortable:) the clothes that are expensive is all the clothes more fashion and more cool, the only bad thing is that i´m not comfortable with this type of clothes , but I like the two clothes , both are awesome.

Own the Runway!

Hi everyone , we have another party called "Own the runway" this party is for model different type of clothing , the girls can participate in this event  , the boys like me , also can participate but obviously with clothes of guy , this party cames very fast and it would go very fast , really in 11#days this party would go , its very quickly ,so if you want participate and play in these awsome and incredible party , go now , you have only 11#days to participate so Hurry up this party will end , now i´m choosing what type of clothes I would use so Good luck:)

Where is located?
It´s very easy really , the party of "Own the Runway" is located on the Giftshop , is very obviously because it is the store where the clothes are and believe me I love that store really I love shopping and also I love the clothes store and then what are you waiting for? Now that  you know where it is ,then go to the event  to enjoy this great party and you will feel a model of clothing , its feel awesome and cool:)