Friday, December 20, 2013

Holidays Party 2013!

Hello guys , well this is the Holidays party in clubpenguin, it´s really awesome and cool , I really like it! What do you think about it so far? Also we can donate for different causes, let´s try to complete each cause, let´s change the world by helping and donating all our coins! Remember we need to donate all the coins we have! Coins for change will finished on January 1st , so keep donating everyday! Waddle On!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Times to meet Rockhopper 2013!

Hey , what´s up? Like you already know Rockhopper has arrived to the island! So this famous penguin will  be waddling on the island , there are several days and several times to meet Rockhopper , remember once you meet him get his background. Once you meet him please let others that doesn´t meet him to get his background , I tell you this because maybe the server is full or the place where is him is full and the people who doesn´t meet him will not , so if you are one of those penguins that already met him today let others to meet him , I didn´t meet him because the server was full and my laptop freezed, that´s why i´m telling you this.
Thursday, December 19
* 10:00am on the server Rainbow
Friday, December 20
* 6:00pm on the server Sherbert
Saturday, December 21
* 3:00pm on the server White Out
* 6:30pm on the server Cloudy
Sunday, December 22
* 10:00am on the server Frosty
* 3:00pm on the server Fog
Monday, December 23
* 10:00am on the server Iceland
* 5:00pm on the server Chinook
Tuesday, December 24
* 10:00am on the server Wool Socks
Thursday, December 26
* 5:00pm on the server Mammoth
Friday, December 27
* 3:00pm on the server Chinook
* 6:30pm on the server Northern Lights
Saturday, December 28
* 5:00pm on the server Mittens
Sunday, December 29
* 10:00am on the server Cozy
* 3:00pm on the server Wool Socks
* 6:30pm on the server Sled
Monday, December 30
* 10:00am on the server Mittens
* 6:30pm on the server Cozy
Tuesday, December 31
* 10:00am on the server Frosty
Special thanks to @Monchocho for letting me know about this! Hope you meet Rockhopper soon!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Upcoming Events, December 2013!

Hello guys,  long time no post , i´m really sorry about not posting these past few months. I couldn´t post anything because I was really busy with the school , homeworks , proyects , final proyects and final exams , that´s the reason why I couldn´t post but now i´m in vacations so I can post everytime. I know this is confusing about the final exams but here in my country in highshcool each year is separated by semesters , each semester covers by six or five  months , so my first semester started on July and finished on December six. Well back to the Upcoming Events , the famous penguin "Rockhopper" is coming back on December 19th to the island and he is bringing holidays stuff , so i´m excited to met him again , I really can´t wait to his arrival , another event that will be in the same day is the famous "Coins for Change" in this event as we know penguins donate the money that they want to different causes , it has 3 main causes coins for change want to donate and these are the different causes you can donate: "Build safe places , Protect the earth and Provide medical help"  the last upcoming event is about:  The new year's eve on December 31st , it will be the countdown to 2014! SO excited also remember to donate all the money you have, we need to be better this year than the last one , so i´m going to win more coins to donate it for the three differnet causes! Waddle On!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Medieval Party 2013!

Hello guys , how are you? hope everyone is fine , as you noticed I haven´t post since last month , i´m really sorry but with my homework i´m busy every time but well the Medieval Party is now available to play , isn´t that incredible? Well for me it is because it´s one of my favorite parties , in this party we can make new potions every day that can transform us in different things also we can grow thanks to a potion , but only members can , so maybe i´m not doing new potions, but everyone can have fun , spend a good time without members stuff , remember we can do almost everything so don´t disappoint. Hope you like this party and have a great time! See you next time Waddle On!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Teen Beach Movie , Party Jam!

Hello everybody , how are you? I really hope everyone is fine , well as you may now , the official party of Teen Beach Movie is now over and it´s really awesome , cool , fun , sunny. I really like this party because summer is one of my favorite season of the year , what season of the year is your favorite? Mi favorite season is winter because I born on one of the winter months , so that´s why is my favorite. Back to the party , well it´s very entertainer I like the idea that we can go surfing and going in the motorbike , I also like the idea of sled on the toboggan , there are really cool furniture all around the island , what´s your favorite activity in this party? Mine is getting surfing. Hope to see you all guys there. Waddle On!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Club Penguin: #WaddleOn - Episode 4

Hello everyone , well the #WaddleOn video is now on it`s fourth episode , yeah that is amazing , I really love this episodes , it makes me laugh and it`s really fun also it makes me my day and what about you? Do you like the videos? It makes you laugh? Well I really hope that the answer is yes. In the fourth episode the best scene is the first part , when the vampire asks to his friend who is a werewolf what they like to do , the werewolf says: "Hunt vampires" and his vampire friend disagree but then he covers his head with a box and then they are ready to hunt. That`s my favorite part. Hope you enjoy the video! Waddle on!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Disney Promoting Teen Beach Movie!

Hello everyone , how are you? I hope you are fne but i`m not fine at all , because Disney Clubpenguin is now promoting the "Teen Beach Movie" and is getting worst , because this party it`s the summer party but now without rockhopper , I mean Disney stop promoting your movies or TV shows. I`m really tired of every advertisement Disney is promoting in Clubpenguin and what do you think? Do you really want this summer party? Well even if we don´t like this idea we can´t do anything so prepare yourself because this Summer party is about the "Teen beach movie" , this party is called "Surf´s Up" just like the main song of the movie , I`m not against of Disney but I just want to have a summer party that doesn´t include a movie promote. Waddle On!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Club Penguin: #WaddleOn - Episode 3

Hey world , how are you? I really hope everyone is fine. Well this is the most recently episode of #WaddleOn well I really like it , I mean is so funny , my favorite part is when a penguin wants something to eat and then he says that he is not an earthling and then he eats pie , that secene is really fun and what´s your favorite part of the video? Hope you really like these episodes! Waddle On!!

Club Penguin: #WaddleOn - Episode 2

Hello guys , as I said on the last post I know that this second episode of #WaddleOn it´s already old but not that old , and if you haven´t seen it , here you go! I really like this idea , yes the idea of making funny episodes of what really happens in Clubpenguin it´s so cool and funny. Hope you like it , Waddle On!

Club Penguin: #WaddleOn - Episode 1

Hey everyobody I know this first episode of #WaddleOn it´s already kind of old but I didn´t knew that Clubpenguin is making episodes to make you laugh and it´s really cool , if you haven´t seen it , here is for you. Hope you like it! Waddle On!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Exploring the Tatooine Planet!

Hey guys , well i`m exploring the Tatooine planet , it`s very dry in this planet , by the way in here you can see that most of the scenes were filmed on this planet , aslo we can see that our hero was bron in a little house located on the Tatoone planet. I really like this Star Wars Takeover , remember have fun , enjoy the battles and defeat the dark side! Waddle On!