Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Don´t worry be Happy!

Hi everyone , i´m very happy and excited , in three weekends I will get my grades of each subject , I know I will have more than eighty points , why do I know? because in all this year I prepared myself to enjoy and study hard , so when you know your gonna recieve your scores you have an idea of how much , do you understand me? well if you don´t I will tell you. All your work will be reflected at the end of the school , and you now if you study a lot but if you don´t study hard you now that your grades will be terrible. The thing here is do all the best we can be , I really hope you understood this post:D WADDLE ON!

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Igloo!

Hi everyone , how are you? I hope you´re fine. Well in this image appear my igloo , I think it´s awesome indeed all my furniture are cool and interesting , what do you think? do you like it? really I hope you like it , your opinion is very important for me so please if you want to comment you CAN but remember NOT bad comments or even rude  words so please don´t be rude I know anyone is rude and I hope so but it´s only for protect my  blog so what are you waiting for? now comment and tell me if you like it or if you don´t like it WADDLE ON!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Free Items!

Hi everyone i´m really sorry for not being posting this month , i´m really sorry about it , you will ask , why stan1ley doesn´t post this last month?, well here is the truth , I´ve problems of my internet and my laptop was working very good until the last month , I don´t know why , but it was terrible , but thank god now one engineer fixed it and now it´s okay. Fine now i´m here so lets talk about the Medieval Party , do you like it? well for me this party is more cool than anyone (REMEMBER THIS PARTY IS GREAT BUT IN JULY IT WILL BE THE BEST PARTY)  , you will now why. Now much of the rooms of clupenguin have furniture that is awesome , as you may know all the parties have free items , well this free items are very cool , it are located on the Mountain and at the Mountain Mystery. I forgot something important , hmm this is the best new ever! ¡Gary is tracking on the island! sadly I don´t have seeing it yet , but I really hope that one day I will meet him , also I hope you find him WADDLE ON!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Video!

Hi everyone , how are you? fine I hope so I´m very happy , why? because of the new video clubpenguin made. It´s very funny you need to see it , when my brother and me saw it we Laughed Out Loud , really we cried of the very funny video , but it´s missing something that´s more important though you need to wait until the end , why? because in the end of the video it appears a FREE code , wow it´s not awesome? , now i´m gonna tell you the code that is very easy : EPFAGENT , this free code unlocks only one costume for agents. WADDLE ON!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Be a Secret Agent!

Hi everyone , now as you see anyone can be an EPF agent , indeed you could always be an EPF agent , but now we have an invitation , where? in the Phoning Facility (on the ski village on map) also you can check it on your mail box. It´s very easy to do the test , you need to think twice what you wanna do , don´t worry about it , it´s very easy as I said , you need to be smarter than the computer. But I will do another post telling you how to be an agent , so I hope you can try , you don´t lose anything if you try WADDLE ON!