Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Code!

Hello everyone , well Clubpenguin give us another code that unlocks a costume of a Monster wearing the JOX Hoodie. If you want to unlock this code here it is: DISNEYMU , i´m in the OK team so probably i´m not wearing this JOX costume but anyway I unlock it , you can do the same , just unlock it and if you want to wear it just wear it. Waddle On!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monsters University!

Hello everyone , well as you may know , the party "Monsters University" is now on! I think it´s cool and awesome I really like the movie! and what about you? do you like the movie of MU? I hope you do. Well as you know everyday it will be unlocked new items but you can only win points to get those items and sadly only members can unlocked it! Don´t dissapoint you can also have fun even you aren´t a member. Another new is about the new Scare Game! I play it and I lose the first time but then I play and play and I win , it´s so easy to win just avoid the objects that are on the floor and how do you do that? well you just press the space bard and then you step on a little square and you wait until the arrow is on the middle , finally you click the space bard and then you pass to the other level , Hope you are having fun .Waddle on!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sneak Peek of Summer Party 2013!

Hello everyone well this new isn´t good at all , I mean why does clubpenguin needs to promote TV Shows? i´m really mad I don´t want this Summer Party , I don´t want more advertisments , since Disney bought Clubpenguin all parties are worst , why? because there are more advertisemnets every time. Are you tired of it? well yes i´m tired! it´s okay if they wat to promote disney cartoons but not this TV shows and what happened to Rockhopper? you know that Rockhopper always visited us in Summer but now he wouldn´t , we haven´t seen Rockhopper since 2012 and all because of ads. Thanks to Dsney Clubpenguin we will have a Summer party about "Austin and Ally" When this advertisments are going to stop? we doesn´t know I only hope isn´t forever. Waddle On!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ROR will be victorious...?

Hello everyone mmm... this is interesting , in clubpenguin`s blog the cp team made a new post but nothing to say and that is the weird thing , I mean the post only has an image also this phrase "ROR will be victorious.." what is that? I mean that doesn`t says anything. Ninja appears on a dance floor , that`s a Sneak Peek? well a bit. I want to think that ninja is at the Dance Club because he is on the dance floor and which other room has dance floor? only the Dance Club! So remember this party starts in June 27 so don`t forget to win coins then you can buy a lot of stuff in this party! by the way I can`t wait to see the movie , it will be awesome , Waddle On!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Events in June 2013!

Hello everyone well today the main topic is about the upcoming events! Well as you heard we have the "Underwater Adventures" on now at the Stage also we have the "Penguin Style" on now at the Gift Shop by the way we have on now the new "Postcards" and don´t forget that the next pin will be available on June 13th! But the Most important event (we can also name it party) is "Monsters University" this party is coming faster than we expect , it starts in June 27 so prepare to scare , go and win more coins because this party will be amazing! By the way that day I have an important new in my personal life so I wish this new will be good and excelent for me , wish me good luck! Hope to see you around , Waddle on!  

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Monsters University!

Hey guys sorry for not posting this week or even last week , I had important events , exams , end of school also end of my music school , rehearsal of prom(Yes i´m getting older , that makes me sad but whatever) and all of that activities made me very tired so that is the reason why I couldn´t post this week. Like I said I don´t have time for nothing because it´s really hard this activities even I can´t play Card Jitsu Snow yet , that is unbelieveable I just want to sleep , watch TV , realx and go out to the park and play around but with all these stuff I can´t so maybe i´m not posting every single day but I´ll try to post as often as I usually do , but well I have  really exciting news like "Monster Universitiy" is coming soon to theaters and also we will have this amazing paarty in Clubpenguin , wow I just freak out when I knew about it because when I was a kid I used to see Monsters Inc. every time and I didn´t imagine that this amazing movie will have a second part that shows how our monsters knew each other! Is that amazing? of course it is! I can´t wait to see the movie , and how about you? are you excited about it? or maybe not? well hopefully you are excited I mean who couldn´t be excited? well another thing that i´m excited for is about the New album of my idol (Selena Gomez) I just can not wait to buy it , I heard "Slow Down" and it´s really amazing I just love her new style which makes my ver happy i´m a Selenator Forever! Maybe that was awkward but I needed to say it but well remember have fun , enjoy every second of your life cause ther´s no way back , Waddle On , Hope to see you around Cp see you guys!