Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hi everyone , first of all sorry for not being posting this last days , why? because my laptop needed to be fix but now it´s better. Well the Robots aren´t soo bad , I know it´s for villians but this robots aren´t bad , why? because with them we can help to make grow the rare plants located at the Mine Shack(On Map) and how? well as you know the robots can throw big snow balls so you throw to the circle with a snowball and the plants will grow faster and faster , even faster than we do it by our own , but they also can be rude , how? throwing snowballs in some places of clubpenguin and they can cuase damage but remember something you decide how to use the power of the robot , if you want to be nice and help you can be , but if you want to be rude and cause damage also you can be, so I preffer the good thing , what about you? think about it. Waddle On!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Marvel SuperHero Takeover Costumes!

Hi everyone well finally this party is on so now you can enjoy it , well clubpenguin has even more costumes than the last party so just enjoy it and have fun , the cost it`s little expensive but it deserves it so why don`t buy it? I just need to win more coins so I could buy more costumes . By the way this party it`s not so bad it`s so cool and awesome!! Hope you are a Super Hero cause i`m one also hope to see you there and Waddle On!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Crystals in the Forest!

Hi there well as you heard that in the Forest there are some crystals waiting for investigate , it´s true well I don´t know why , I think that it has something relationed to the Marvel Super Hero Takeover. Maybe this  are some kind of crytals that has powers and needs to be investigated (Powers of the different Heros). Well that´s my theory I only hope it´s true. By the way this party is coming faster and faster I can´t wait until buy my super hero costums , also I can´t wait to choose my costum I´ll use for that event. Hope to see you there , you can´t miss it! Waddle On!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hi everyone how are you' hope your doing fine!! Well today the Pin has changed , it´s located in the Lodge Attic also the Edition of the Newspaper has changed. The Upcoming events are : April 25th you can buy the Super Hero Costumes , May 9 the New Penguin Style and on Now you can head to the forest to help study the strange crystals. We are having a Super Hero Takeover Party soon , but for now you can go to the Forest (On Map) and help to study what they need , is kind of fun you know? I really like this differents activities , what about you , do you like this activities? or not? well hopefully you like it. If you want to know more about this you can check it in Clubpenguin , go now and enjoy this activity , Waddle on!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sneek Peeks of the Super Hero Takeover!


This Sneek Peeks are from the Super Hero Takeover , well there are a lot of redecorations in all Clubpenguin! But the most exciting is that we are Having a School , well maybe isn´t exciting because we are in school like 7 hours? so maybe this isn´t cool but whatever I can´t wait for this party , Remember choose what villian or what Hero you wanna be. Waddle On! Hope to see you in the island!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Exit Image!

Hi everyone , as you see Clubpenguin has changed the exit image of the website. It´s about the Marvel Super Hero takeover and the differents custumes a "Member" can have. I don´t like the membership , I mean only members can have elite things like: Costumes , Clothes , Furniture for Igloo , more than two puffles and more. By the way my membership expired two weeks ago and I can´t buy another one , I need to wait few more days to get one , I really hope so beacuse I want to be a member for the Super Hero Takeover Party. Also I hope you can enoy this party that´s coming soon and rememeber have fun even if your not a member , just enjoy the moment! Please if you want to comment on this post you can but remember don´t be mean I hope to see new Comments waiting moderation. Have fun guys hope to see you around Clubpenguin! Waddle on!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Daffodaily5´s Featured Fashion!

Hello everyone how are you? hope you are fine! Well today Daffodaily5 have post in clubpenguin blog about the Featured Fashion of this summer. I like it , all the clothes of each penguin that Daffodaily5 chose are random. By the way Congrats to all those penguins that Daffo chose! Just take a look!!

Spring is here, everybody - and it’s also the theme, as chosen by YOU! It’s my favourite season by far.  The bees are buzzing, the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming (especially Daffodils- they’re the best!). Now I’m inspired to mix my outfit up a bit, so this Featured Fashions also stars yours truly - I hope you don’t mind!
I don’t change my outfit much, but since I’ve been doing Featured Fashions, I’ve seen so many amazing wardrobe choices that I’m ready to change mine too. Thank you so much guys! How do I look?
Daisy317 was nominated by Elodie2003, and you can totally see why! She’s ready to go out and snap some pictures with her Digital Camera, and that rainbow hair is so eye-catching. Brill!
How could it be spring without an outfit like Green N Cool’s? He’s taking his Elite Puffle out to water the plants – and it looks like he’s been helping with the Card-Jitsu Snow beta too. Rock that hat!
Harah09’s outfit is perfect for spring – light fabrics, sky blue colours, and a bow to match her makeup! This girl knows how to work with colour. Love it!
That’s it from me this week! I’d love to know what you think of these outfits, so post a comment below. You’re brill at choosing themes, so keep those ideas coming too. Byeee!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hot Sauce!

Hi everyone , well the new mission called "Operation hot sauce" is on. Now you can do this operation. Well were do I start? mm very easy you go to the Pizza parlor (On Map) and now that you are there you need to obtain two objects that are hiding in the pizza parlor. One of the object is near to the door and the second object it´s near the Pizatron 3000. I can´t tell exactly were it is , because you need to investigate it. Now that you have the objects you go to the EPF command room and there you take your object and put it on one little table that says "The Lab" and then you wait a long time until Gary tell you that you can continue. Then you turn on your tracetracker 3000 but if you aren´t a member you get it free in the EPF , it´s located in the table that says "The Lab". You turn it on and you can see the steps of the thieves in which case the thieves here are Klutzy and Herbert. After that you follow the steps , the steps go to the "Beach" there it´s a hiden Door, you click on it and you need to match the object until it get aline. Then you enter to the Secret room and there is Herbert and Klutzy with all the stolen pizzas. Then you click on a pizza and you throw it to the little square thats says "flood" and finally klutzy go there and eats the pizza but he turn the option of flood on and finally the mission has completed. By the way we have the new Spy Phone which is so cool! And when you finish your mission you get a prize. Waddle on!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Super Hero Takeover!

Hi everyone , well as you heard we are having the Super hero takeover again. I think it will be great because this party will have more activities to do than the last one. Also what I like about this party it´s the customes and the power of each custome you wear , but what I don´t like it´s the violence , I mean i´ts so cool this party but it has a little bit of violence you know? I refferred to violence because of  the explosives clubpenguin had the last party. By the way I can´t choose what custome wear. I like al heros of course I´ll be a hero , but I don´t know which. But the question here is Which Hero you will be? or Which villian you will be? Think of it and then enjoy this party , you can not miss it! It will be great , cool and awesome. Hope to see you there!! Waddle On!