Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A bless:)

I think that have friends is a bless because its something beautiful of the entire world is something that changes all my life ,  well for me change my life , because  , when I have a mistake and a a friend tell me that I´m wrong is for change the mistake and make it correct , friends always helped you, make you laugh , feel happy , beacuse it´s something wonderful , if you have any problem your TRUE friends help you always in the good things and more important in the BAD things , that is a good friend , so thanks for all my friends I have really all of them are one piece of my heart , thankyou Winng , really you are the best friend I ever had and also thankyou Saraapril for always stays there when I need you really thanks to everyone  and   the most important thanks to my  whole family and to everyone that believe on me and help me thankyou:)


Hi everyone  if you see the only places that are flooded are "The ski village" (on map) and "The beach" , really  sorry about the other day , it was my mistake really I was confused and I didn´t know , well I hope you are not mad even angry ,  right? , and if you are so sorry , but all the people "humans" have mistakes and the important of have mistakes is that we learn about them , so I hope you would forgive me , back to the topic , its another place that is more less flodded that is the "Dock" I LIKE this party!
If you have done all the correct passage it would appears this door that takes you to  the "Maze" , its cool    and awesome really I like too much this place and I liked this party.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Clean the Dock!

Hi everyone , do you know that the dock has a total mess? , why? , i´m  not sure , I only know that when clubpenguin flooded all the trash that clubpenguin has go to the Dock , so we need that all the penguins help to clean up the dock , really I don´t like this because is horrible a terrible mess , now I am cleaning the dock , obviously is only a decoration for the summer party , is nothing to worry about , is fun to clean the dock , well that is my opinion , I think that the people that clean their rooms are very neat and clean , but this is not bad on the contrary is GOOD because now you are helping your mom , I do all my homework and finally I can do everything I want like play clubpenguin , so please help to all your family member.

Back to topic , is very funny so do it , is cool and remeber help your family.
Fine when you clean up all the trash that is on the dock , you would recieve a special background of all the things together in an especial trash that is recycling , so if you want to help and clean the dock awesome and if you don´t want is okay , but remember is funny , I hope you would do it.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dive In :D

Hi everyone as you may know clubpenguin is having another party called "Dive in! Conquer the Maze" really is very awesome , cool and I have alot of fun , well the other days in a post I make I have a mistake do you remeber that I tell you that all clubpenguin would have water? , well that is my mistake because only the "Ski Village" and "The beach" have water sorry really it was MY mistake but all have mistakes rigth? , fine do you know that in the beach is a secret door? well now you know , but only members can enter to this door , so I enter and is alot of  passages with traps and if I take the incorrect side I need to find and find the correct one , but why worry? in the BEACH is a hidden Map that shows you how to chose the correct side.
Now that I have the map and NOW that I know were passage chose I think I can finishe and enter the the other door that is in the end of all the passages, really I take like thirty minutes founding the correct passage , why do I spent much time founding the correct passage? ,if I have the map? , fine I don´t use the map why? umm because I want to found the END by myself but obviously if you want to use the Maze Map you can but it was only my opinion and I was fun , really I don´t was mad it was funny searching the coorect side.
I searches and searched like thirty minutes and it was fun and more because I was with my friends really it was FUN , and finally found the secret door , and when I enter to the secret door guess that I have a problem with my google chrome! i was mad and more less angry , then I login in clubpenguin and I was thinking if it was aved the passage and afortunately yes it was saved the secret door so I enter and it was wonderful , awseome and the coolest room I ever see :D

It is was wonderful and for me is the better place I ever see , really I liked to much:)
It was awesome I feel like i´m the king , it is so cool and it was the best moment I had obviously only in that day , becuase the next days it would be better :D
I remember also you can have an outfit like submarine only press in these submarine and you can have thise incredible outfit XD , what are you waiting for? go NOW and go to the end and chose the correct passage and enter to the secret door , really I have fun searching it so good luck!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I have a BUG D:

Hi everyone , I am mad because is another BUG I have , really why I have bugs every time , it supposed I would have the NEW catalogue , but I don´t have it , I still having the old catalogue of november and december , i´m sad and mad because I was waiting for the new catalogue but I dont have it! , but clubpenguin doesn´t fix these BUG! , I hope clubpenguin would fix this serious problem and I belive this problem would dissapear tomorrow , you now why? I want this problem would dissapear? well tomorrow is the party "Take a deep breath"  i´m nervious and happy I want that these party would begin :D so REMEMBER tomorrow is the party "Take a deep Breathe" so be prepared and chose anything you would use , common prepare all your stuff:)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I chose the correct!

Hi everyone , first of all , how are you? , fine , good , soo do you remember that I was prepairing me for the Party  "Take a deep breath" fine I was chosing what clothes I can use for this party , I was chosing the outfit of siren and the outfit of fish , but now I think I like more these outfit beacuse I don´t wanna be a siren or even a fish , soo this is the outfit I would use in the party , and what are you waiting for? , chose any oufit you wanna use (only members) , hurry up because these party is getting more closer , Today is Sunday #22 , soo the party begin on Thursday #26 , we have only four days , Hurry Up!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Prepairing :D

Hi everyone , like you see i´m chosing what outfit I can use for the party , this outfit is of  a sirenXD , I like it becuase is cool and amazing , also I can use the one of the fish , fine I would chose one of both I would use it on the party , and remember today is Thursday #18 of 2012 so in 8 days the party would begin , so chose anything you wanna use for the water party , because these party is getting more closer , I like these party is the Third I like it , first is the party of Card-Jitsu and the second is the Oscar , well I don´t know what is the name of the party OSCAR but I LIKE IT TOO:)
I just want to ask a favor , I don´t know if you like selena but she is beautiful , amazing , pretty and for me is PERFECT<3 , but the favor is you know that the song "Love you like a love song" , the other song is "who says"  is one of the twenty songs more hearings and more cools ,  so I ask if you wanna hear the song and vote for the best song of the year and also please talk to the radio and ask the song "Love you like a love song" , and "Hit the ligths"! with YOUR help selena can won a prize or MORE , so PLEASE do everything to HELP her  (selena)  make more famous please hear the song , soo please do it , I hope you would do everything to help her I hope so XD and I believe on YOU :D

Love you like a love song : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgT_us6AsDg


Monday, January 16, 2012

Water Party XD

Hi everyone first of all I wanna say sorry beacuse the lasts days I don´t post anything , because I was all the days with activities and also these weekend and the next one too , im telling you this because I dont want that you believe i´m leaving of clubpenguin , so these days if you see I don´t post is beacuse I was really but really busy , fine do you hear about the water party? , well if you hear it awesome but if you don´t hear it , I can explained you , these party contains water in all  clubpenguin , would have water in all of the places we are , so you need to have a  swimsiut , and if you can decorate your igloo  , obviosly if you are a a member you can buy a swimsuit , and if you don´t sorry , if members  want to buy it no problem only suggested , the party starts this month in January #26 so be prepaired , because this party is getting closer.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hi everyone as you may know the results are all in the web site of clubpenguin , know i´m checking what category recieves more money than the others one , fine really it doesn´t care about the amount , the only thing that is important for me is that all of the penguins donate , and they donate for people poor , including me , well the only important thing is that each category receives an amount so I would tell you what much receieves all the categories , but also you can see it in www.clubpenguin.com.  All the categories recieves $2 million dollars.Now I would tell you all the amounts of each category.

Building safe places:
$620 , 000

Providing medical help:
$640 , 000

Protecting the earth:
$740 , 000

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Catalogue XD

Hi everyone do you see  this? of course , it is the new catalogue is only for the monthof January , so buy this outfits NOW because in one month all the clothes would disapear ,and you would to wait for the next year ,  well this catalogue it available on the gift shop (on map) , but the bad thing is that only the members can buy this outfits , I am ready to buy this outfits , really they are cool , and awesome. What do you think? is awesome or is not? I only hope you like these new catalouge remember is only for January so what are you waiting for ? Buy right now , obvioulsy if you want and if you can XD!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Check it out!

Hi there first of all I wanna tell you Happy new year , well as you know THESE days I don´t post anything because I was busy , and i´m so sorry really , fine do you see this , well this to see the results that clubpenguin has , obviously we WON but this is to check all the money that each category recieves , first of all we have the category of medecines , then to protect the earth and finally to build homes , i´m so excited because really I wanna see all the money that each category has , we can see the results on January 5th , you can see this results on the website of clubpenguin!