Monday, December 26, 2011

We do it 8-)!

Hello everyone first I wanna tell you merry christmas really I was bussy for make a post so really sorry, fine watch out that finally in one day before clubpenguin REACHED the goal , really im so happy :') beacuse now all the people poor would have real money , food and clothes , I think this is the best year of ALL , just think for a second , this poor people would have like all the years a smile in his face , so thank to everybody that donate , im so proud of all of us , really thanks for everyone :D and remember the other year we would donate much money than this year (:

Friday, December 23, 2011

Bugs :S

Hi there , well now I am thinking that clubpenguin is having more BUGS than the last month , this is not good , fine clubpenguin needs to fixed that problems , as you can see in these image appears that all the penguins are not moving , but the question is why? , it was weird  , also all the penguins don't move neither dance , this is horrible , then I connect in another server and finally all the penguins were moving , dancing and talking , if you have the same problem don´t alarm is an horrible Bugs , only changed of server and that´s all obviously is an horrible and terrible BUG but you can´t do anything , the only thing YOU can do is changing your server :D

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Igloo xD!

 Hi everyone , I prepared my Igloo for the igloo contest , I decorate my igloo with christmas stuff , I hope this year I would won the contest of christmas party , because really I love all the contests , today I was playing clubpenguin and my brother and sister also connect in the same server and we were playing card-jitsu fire , then we go to the beach and we see saraapril , saraapril is only friend of my brother , soo they talk and she was doing a video , so we move because she was working , but remember saraapril is ONLY friend of Je45rry :D!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Coins for change (:

Hi everyone! , well as you know , today clubpenguin haves four days that the party  begin ( Coins for -change ) and really is much money , If we still working and donating I believe that this year clubpenguin would reach the GOAL , you know that the goal is to complete all the ligth house ,  but we need more money , I am really happy and proud to  all the penguins that are helping to make poor people happy , I donate all money I have and you are asking , but why you are so happy? , the answer is that IS the fourth day and I know , hope and believe that clubpenguin will reach the goal , remember we need more coins but is okay , i think this is good :D! I hope you would DONATE more money xD

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I am a BUG!

I am a Bug D: when I want to play clubpenguin ( english ) I can´t so I try to play clubpenguin ( spanish ) and know i am playing clubpenguin , in spanish , this is not a problem because I am a mexican and I know english and spanish but I can´t believe that my name is P100910423 i hope this is a technical problem , because I hate this "name" but if clubpenguin don't repair it , I would send a message to clubpenguin support for HELP and I can´t see my friends , and I can´t won money! I HOPE clubpenguin will fixed this serious problem!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Where you can donate?

Hi there well clubpenguin has two days that the party  beguns , soo the first day of the party I donate 25000 coins , and know I have 5000 coins , but that's not matter because I can won more money , and this party is only one seasion of the year ( december ) what I am telling you? well you can donate one seasion , but you can won coins all the DAYS you want to play , so common donate minimum 5000 , believe me , in these days the poor people is having the bad days cuss the snow , winter and they have cold  , they don´t have a house like you , they don´t have all the days food but you have food every days thanks to GOD . soo please think it about and if I if I scare you or made ​​you feel bad I'm so sorry but it's reality so PLEASE help and change the world.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hi great to see you again , well finally today is the party of clubpenguin named Change the world its in honor to  coins for change , I think this party is awesome and obvisouly is for you , and to donate coins , remember that today clubpenguin changed all to a christmass party , really love this party and of course love this holidays , well I am ready to donate my coins , what are you waiting for ??  and if you connect these days (14 - 25 ) you would receive gifts free! Now i am ready for play clubpenguin , I hope you would have fun XD , best wishes by Stan1ley :D!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Coins for change (:

Hi everyone , as you may know this month ( december ) is for help people that not have money , home , clothes , well disney help clubpenguin for donate money for people  poor. How you can donate?  , is very easy in the days 15 - 27 you can donate money in clubpenguin , only select the amount you wanna donate and disney would make this coins , to real money , what are you waiting for? ,be raising money ,  I recommend to donate much but much money  , please donate all your money , why? because these people are poor , and they don´t have money , so PLEASE help this people , I HOPE you would donate (:
Postscript: I would donnate all the money I can xD

Working xD

Hi everyone , as you can see , we are working in the iceberg , the server  when we are working was in alpine , you can buy this costume in the gift shop also you can unlocked this items (:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Holidays (:

Hi everyone you now what is the day of holidays? well if you not now is in december 15-27 , theses days are the christmas party , I Hope you would BE there xD

Friday, December 9, 2011


Well as you may know clubpenguin was nominated to the BAFTA awards , the only bad thing is that we didn´t won , I really appreciate clubpenguin , I think that is a good and excelent website (: , but I have you one question BAFTA , why does clubpenguin doesn´t won! , well the last year clubpenguin won , and this time clubpenguin lose? , I supposed that if clubpenguin won the last year would won this year , I don´t know why we didn´t win , but well I hope the next year we will win , and really I HOPE the next year YOU would vote for clubpenguin xD obviously if you want to vote , but I really would like that you vote for clubpenguin the next year (: , one of the reasons that I believe clubpenguin didn´t won is that it haves Bugs!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hi there is my , I just wanna tell you about another BUG that clubpenguin has , it supposed that yesterday it would finished. But the only good thing  that has this bug is that we can play more and free :D really who don´t like tis bug because I think is perfect , and you? well enjoy these bugs because are your opportunity to play more and to reached your card-jitsu fire and water. Be happy don´t be angry is only a problem that clubpenguin has but is better (: I hope you like this Bug.

Monday, December 5, 2011

We are celebrating :-)

We are celebraiting because the team fire WON like three times (: I am really very happy and proud of the team fire , I like both teams but i like very much is fire xD , well we know that today is the last chance to play (figth) because tomorrow is the end of this party ,is so sad :( so comon and play little bit , i hope your team would win xD enjoy this day and oportunity to play , have fun and win, remember is the last chance D:!

Only one day D:!

Hi everyone , as you know clubpenguin is having the END of the party card-jitsu (water and fire) this is to bad because when these day finish you would not play card-jitsu , obviously only the memebers ): well this is sad but thats fine cuss clubpenguin gave us days for play card-jitsu free , if you not play i´m so sorry , but if you want to finish card-jitsu today I don´t beleave it , but you can , only play all day ( if you want ) , so enjoy very but very much this day xD Best wishes by Stan1ley (: I hope you can.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Hi there! well je45rry is my brother , I thougth you alredy knew , my brother started his blog two and a half years ago , but I make a blog too  , but it was horrible , because I didn´t know how to use it  perhaps I was a child and I didn´t learn how to post , soo I grew up and now I know how to use a blog. Je45rry is a good blogger , really I like his blog , and have fun when he play clubpenguin with me and also when he helps me. Really I´m so proud  and happy to have a brother like him. Now I am a blogger but a real one and I will make my blog a good and excelent blog like my brother ( in the future ) And I hope more people will visit my site (:

And please visit Je45rry´s blog : I hope you will visit Je45rry´s Blog (:

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Play Now!

As you may know clubpenguin is having the end of the party ( Card-Jitsu ) you have three days because is free ,   to play fire ninja and water ninja. Well if the three days are gone you will need membership , the thing is , if you are not a memeber you can play free this three days (: , and if you want a memebership , only go to the website of clubpenguin , then it will apears options , only search the one of memebership , and that is all. Now you can play all the games for memebers also you can decorate your igloo and you can have a cool outfit , for you and your puffles. What are you waiting for?? , become a memeber (: