Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Battle of ninjas fire and ninjas water (:

The ninjas fire and water have a real and a cool figth in the icberg ( on map ) the fires won like three times (: and water one time xD it was in the server ascent.

Yay I Won :D!!!

Well as you see finally i play card-jitsu (: and i won :D is my first time i won becuase of the bug i couldn´t play , you remeber the story rigth ? i hpe so , but i am very happy now because i won the first place , is more less dificult but i hope you would win (: Now i am making me a master of card-jitsu fire , i would try in card-jitsu water xD i hope i would won , wish me luck , now i would play with two friends , Je45rry and Sar46ah ;) I would won :D!!! i beleave it!!

Bugs :S

Hi there as you may now clubpenguin has having trouble , this problem is called BUGS , an example is that to me happens that i can´t talk , can´t play card-jitsu , and of course for me appears that my friends like Je45rry is online and really he is not in the same server of me :l but don´t be stress and don´t worry i hope clubpenguin soon will fix himself . I am not sure of why? , but i now that clubpenguin is remodelating , and obviously clubpenguin is having trouble , but don´t be angry only is an error it would pass :D!!!!

If you want to tell clubpenguin your problem that is the bug send a message to clubpenguin support and they will fix it (: I hope so xD

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sensei 8-)

Hi there this is the sensei , he is a very but a very greatest ninja in clubpenguin he is in the dojo ( on map ) 

The Sensei is a wise teacher who trains the penguins in the art o fninja. Very little is known about this mysterious expert who enjoys green tea and poetry.
In addition, says he has many powers, like invisibility and masterelements! It's the most ancient of all. He can won like three times but you need to try it don´t be shy common and play with him :D

Fire and Water :p what is the best?

In my opinion i like more power and suit of water because the water means peace and relaxion instead the power of fire and the suit of fire means figth and bad thing , obviously is only my opinion. I have two choices learn how to play card-jitsu water or stay with my power and suit of fire , or i can have the two suits and wait until the power of snow and complete all the powers and suits :D!!!

Fore more information visit this blog : www.cpje45rry.blogspot.com


Part 2. Secrets Agents :)

One day one penguin hears what herbert was talking about of destruing clubpenguin so he invented the secrets agents to stop herbert´s and klutzy´s plan , the next day the agent and followers were spying the acts and movements of klutzy and herbert so ther watch that herbert was installing a pump , so they stop herbert and klutzy of the bad acts they were planning , of course this story is not the nend because when the agents caugth herbert and klutzy , of course of the help of one greatest inventor his named is GARY , herberts was in jail but klutzy scaped :O so all the penguins alarmed think that klutzy in the future can recover Herbert and do the plan but this time they will destroy clubpenguin if the agents dont help us. But not worry all will be okay and more because now you can be an agent , passing a test that is very  easy (:

Postscript: I am not sure of all the story but is more less like that i HOPE you like it :D!!!

Part 1. how they meeting :O

Really i like this costume because is of clutzy , i think you know who is klutzy rigth?? or not well if you dont know who is klutzy , once opon a time when clubpenguin was invented , in an island a bear named Herbert live there until the ice brokes in little parts , he was in danger because he doesn´t know how to swim , afortunaletly a crab helps him to stay with live, Herbert tell the crab all that he do and want to do for clubpenguin , so herbert ask the crab if he would help him to destroy clubpenguin , the crab happy tell YES with his head so herbert named the crab Klutzy. Herbert and klutzy were searching to live in a place so klutzy find a cave in an island called iceberg ( that is on the map) Both were living there and planning the return of herbert but making danger to clubpenguin ):

Card-jitsu Party (:

Well as you may now clubpenguin is having the greatest and the more famous party of the year , well for me is a nice party. If you are not a member you can play free the elements of fire and water but check it out you only have eigth days to win the complete suit of water and of fire , i have the suit of fire. I really like the suit water and the power of water but the problem is that i don´t know how to play card jitsu water. But i can learn about it , so you can play now free cuss the next week and few dyas you could not play the elements of fire or water because you need to be a memeber so what are you waiting for?? PLAY NOW if you want obviously xD

Visit : http://www.clubpenguin.com/

Hi everyone :D

I just wanna tell you something , rigth now i have problems with my sims blog , so i want to post about clubpenguin becuase i love it (: obviously like a good game , well you were asking who are you , well i have two and a half year playing clubpenguin  so i think i am ready to do this, Really my favorite game is clubpenguin and i have one idol that is saraapril : http://saraaprilinclubpenguin.blogspot.com/
and of course of  je45rry : http://www.cpje45rry.blogspot.com/ i think that they have awesome blogs and they are the best of all.

I love club penguin :D!!!