Thursday, August 22, 2013

Teen Beach Movie , Party Jam!

Hello everybody , how are you? I really hope everyone is fine , well as you may now , the official party of Teen Beach Movie is now over and it´s really awesome , cool , fun , sunny. I really like this party because summer is one of my favorite season of the year , what season of the year is your favorite? Mi favorite season is winter because I born on one of the winter months , so that´s why is my favorite. Back to the party , well it´s very entertainer I like the idea that we can go surfing and going in the motorbike , I also like the idea of sled on the toboggan , there are really cool furniture all around the island , what´s your favorite activity in this party? Mine is getting surfing. Hope to see you all guys there. Waddle On!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Club Penguin: #WaddleOn - Episode 4

Hello everyone , well the #WaddleOn video is now on it`s fourth episode , yeah that is amazing , I really love this episodes , it makes me laugh and it`s really fun also it makes me my day and what about you? Do you like the videos? It makes you laugh? Well I really hope that the answer is yes. In the fourth episode the best scene is the first part , when the vampire asks to his friend who is a werewolf what they like to do , the werewolf says: "Hunt vampires" and his vampire friend disagree but then he covers his head with a box and then they are ready to hunt. That`s my favorite part. Hope you enjoy the video! Waddle on!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Disney Promoting Teen Beach Movie!

Hello everyone , how are you? I hope you are fne but i`m not fine at all , because Disney Clubpenguin is now promoting the "Teen Beach Movie" and is getting worst , because this party it`s the summer party but now without rockhopper , I mean Disney stop promoting your movies or TV shows. I`m really tired of every advertisement Disney is promoting in Clubpenguin and what do you think? Do you really want this summer party? Well even if we don´t like this idea we can´t do anything so prepare yourself because this Summer party is about the "Teen beach movie" , this party is called "Surf´s Up" just like the main song of the movie , I`m not against of Disney but I just want to have a summer party that doesn´t include a movie promote. Waddle On!