Monday, December 16, 2013

Upcoming Events, December 2013!

Hello guys,  long time no post , i´m really sorry about not posting these past few months. I couldn´t post anything because I was really busy with the school , homeworks , proyects , final proyects and final exams , that´s the reason why I couldn´t post but now i´m in vacations so I can post everytime. I know this is confusing about the final exams but here in my country in highshcool each year is separated by semesters , each semester covers by six or five  months , so my first semester started on July and finished on December six. Well back to the Upcoming Events , the famous penguin "Rockhopper" is coming back on December 19th to the island and he is bringing holidays stuff , so i´m excited to met him again , I really can´t wait to his arrival , another event that will be in the same day is the famous "Coins for Change" in this event as we know penguins donate the money that they want to different causes , it has 3 main causes coins for change want to donate and these are the different causes you can donate: "Build safe places , Protect the earth and Provide medical help"  the last upcoming event is about:  The new year's eve on December 31st , it will be the countdown to 2014! SO excited also remember to donate all the money you have, we need to be better this year than the last one , so i´m going to win more coins to donate it for the three differnet causes! Waddle On!

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