Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Stuff!

Well hello everyone, finally I can post again, had a lot of work on the last months but finally i`m finishing my semester so I can post as usual, do you noticed that clubpenguin is remodeling the site? well I didn´t noticed because I didn`t have time to logg in until now, and know almost everything is changed, we can see that now we can walk our puffles to perform tricks, also it changed the icon of our penguin, before the icon was changed to a penguin it was a star, many changes but it´s to make better the clubpenguin site. Well another new is that clubpenguin is going to have a future party! wow i`m really excited I love all the future stuff so I can`t wait to this party! it`s going to rock out! What do you think about the future party? do you like the idea or not?  Please tell me! Waddle on!

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