Sunday, May 17, 2015

"I'm old"

Hey guys, I know it's been almost a year since my last post , but you know i'm getting really busy right now but I also wanted to stay updated so well , like the title says "I'm old" it's true not only on my private life , because i'm seventeen so i'm not that old but i'm now a grown up talking about that tomorrow is my photoshoot of senior year i'm so excited , but what I really wanted to prove about the title is the amount of days i've created my penguin (Stan1ley). Stan1ley is 2052 days old so I made some math here and I calculated that my penguin is 5.7 years old, how amazing right? I mean I remember begging my dad to let me create a penguin in a virtual world , I begged him all week until he said yes, that moment was the best, but the a curious FACT is that Stan1ley isn`t my first penguin, my first penguin I created was Tho34mas21 and obviously is older than Stan1ley but I had problems with that account so I decided to create another one and sadly shut it down, and this other penguin it would last forever, that`s my mission, so i'm not online most of the time but I want you to know guys that i´m not leaving Cp soon , so don´t worry if you don't see me that often , if I have time like today i'll be waddling around so thanks for all these years and all these incredibles moments I had and also want to thank to all my friends that I made in 2010 they were the best , some of them are: Icequix , Ocean6100, Mountain717, Saraapril and my bro Je45rry , just to let you know that even if we don´t talk too much you guys are important to me. Thanks for everything and hope to see you soon!


  1. THANKS for all the FUN we have had TOGETHER in Club Penguin :)

    1. Oh no thanks to you for being part of my Cp experience, you`re such a good friend! (Sorry for answering too late :c)